MY unstable personality disorder.

Searching for stability

TRIGGER WARNING – mentions of suicidal feelings and self harm.

A quick look on google could tell you exactly what EUPD/BPD is. However the personality disorder has may traits and affects each person differently. I thought I’d give anyone who wants to know an inside look into what my traits are and how they affect my everyday life. Since writing my this blog, I’ve had many queries about what my diagnosis means. Normally, I just recite the generic google definition to keep things simple, however I feel this does me an injustice as every single day is a real battle. To say I struggle with fluctuating moods and find it hard to maintain stable relationships does not explain enough. Personally, I find that it rules over every single aspect of my life. It is my WHOLE thought process, my actions and reactions, it is the way I see the world…

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The Borderline Bean

My name is Lisa, but I go by the name of Bean; coined by my bestest friend and fellow Borderliner.

Who am I, you may ask. No one. No one in particular. I’m sure people come across these kinds of blogs thousands of times a day, skimming by and rolling their eyes. I’ve done it many times myself. I guess it’s different when it’s you typing behind the screen.

I’ve kept journals since I was 13 and it has always been in me to write. I’ve never thought much about blogging my experiences and life, for others to see because it has always been so private and, if I’m honest…embarrassing. However, recently I have finished therapy and I feel empowered to share parts of my life with others, with the intention of creating a domino effect of support, encouragement and recovery.

I have Borderline Personality Disorder. I’m proud of that…

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